Star Trek Season 2 Ep. The Gamesters of Triskelion

November 2, 2009

Uhura, Kirk, and Chekov beam down and end up in an unknown location. They can’t be located by the Enterprise, they have no communication and their weapons don’t work.gamestersof Fighting hand to hand they couldn’t get away. Some tall big foot lookalikes and some wild jungle alien girls from races all over the galaxy capture them so they can met Galt the thrawl of  Triskelion. Triskelion is the planet they arrived on and a thrawl is somewhat like a master or trainer. The team from Enterprise is to be trained and forced to live on the planet forever. Their symbol looks like a Nazi sign. I looked on google and found that Triskelion is a real word and the symbol is ancient. There’s no way to get away, they now have collars on like dogs. “Escape is quite impossible.” Galt’s eyes light up when the collars  go into effect, shocking the individuals who are acting up. The graphics are really 1960, I could see that the effect they used to make the eyes light was added after they finished shooting because he moves slightly and you can see his real eyes while the glowing effect of the eyes is still on the screen. We have definitely come a long way. Is there such a thing as a star date in real life? Kirk starts to run his game on another alien chick who is his thrawl. They have to fight a lot, I can’t even tell how much time in terms of days they spent on Triskelion. Kirk kisses his thrawl and as she stares at him he knocks her out real quick with a jab to the chin. That was the funniest thing I have seen for the whole season so far. The controllers of Triskelion are three brains literally who love to bet compulsively on anything that amuses them. Kirks makes the bet that he can win a battle against a thrawl for his freedom. Of course he wins, it was against the girl he just knocked out. There’s no surprise that they make it back to Enterprise.


Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 15 Wolf in the Fold

October 28, 2009

P48_33_Wolf_in_the_FoldI like the way this episode starts. They are on a planet where the guests are to be thoroughly entertained.  They have this belly dancer looking good dancing for Kirk his crew and the rest of the people in the house. I could watch this part for the 50 minutes instead of try to follow the plot thats about to unfold. Some of her dance moves look like something a alien would do for real. Kirk set it up so Scott could get the belly dancer. That is the way you look out for your crew, you got to take care of them whether you are on or off the ship. Two suspect looking guys begin to make suspicious movements when they see the girl is with Scott. Kind of reminiscent of the club scene nowadays, you just want to have a good time and other people are plotting.  Scott leaves with her, I think hes trying to get her into a space motel or something, thats what I would do. Anyway, it seems Scott is framed for a murder. While in a dark alley the belly dancer gets stabbed and we see Scott flustered holding the knife. It seems he does not know what is going on. Every day is Halloween on the set of Star Trek,   these costumes look freaky. Some strange dude from the planet claims to help the members of the Enterprise by finding out the truth about what has happened. His girl has some ancient powers that will reveal the truth about the occurences. The father of the murdered girl is a suspect too, damn you can’t even trust family in space.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 14 The Trouble With Tribbles

October 28, 2009

Spock does not want to hear any of Chekov’s corn jokes. This episode they are on the space station after being called on the radio. Watching Star Trek makes me think of the galaxy as a vast ocean with the different planets as islands, its deep you have to visualize it. What are these dudes talking about, they want Kirk and his team to protect some grain. The space station is like a place where you could buy and sell goods. It is there Uhura sees a Tribble, a small fury creature that doesn’t seem to do anything. She thinks its cute and buys one. The space station looks real for a change. There’s a bar on it and they are getting drunk in space, wonder what that would be like. A Klingon is bad mouthing Kirk and Chekov is ready to fight for the captain. It is not until the Klingon disrespects the Enterprise that Scott starts the fight. Even though Klingons are the goons of Star Trek they lost the fight hands down. On the ship the Tribbles are multiplying faster than rabbits.sttoss2_tribbleanim McCoy says they are born pregnant. Seeing this reminds me of Gizmo, maybe this is the origin of one of the movies that I loved when I was younger. It has to be, there’s no way they didn’t get their inspiration from this episode. Gremlins took it to another level but the concept evolved from this I just know it. Where would Hollywood be without Star Trek?

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 13 Obsession

October 28, 2009

The crew is on a planet looking at rocks again. Kirk smells a smell that he remembers from years back. It has the sweet odor of honey. The smell comes from a cloud that is suffocating his crew on the planet. It looks like the Companion from episode 9. The producers needed computer animation for this one. If their creatures don’t look somewhat human then they are a fog. They spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the thing was. This TV series is real theatric probably why it is such a classic. If you turn of the volume and try to follow you would be completely lost without a clue of what is going on. The focus is more on the dialogue than on the actions of each character. The killer smoke gets on the ship is flushed out through the vents. Another close call on the Enterprise. Kirk has to deal with the demons from his past. I learned that humans hesitate and that kindness is a human emotion. Another good quote, “Don’t MISUNDERSTAND my next question. The cloud turns out to be a floating vampire cloud with no other shape or form. Eleven years ago Kirk lost men to the same cloud and it weighed heavy on his head. As usual all is well that ends well. They find a way to destroy the vampire cloud. Here is a random thought, did the movie Starship Troopers come to be because of  Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 12 The Deadly Years

October 28, 2009

The crew is beamed down to a place where they find the tomb of a man. While there they meet Robert and Elaine who look old as hell but are 29 and 27 years old. The music is to dramatic but they need it to make you want to watch this episode. There’s no fighting so you know it could get boring. Kirk’s old girl is there, she must be from season 1. There’s something in the air thats making the crew age like Robert. They have already began acting cranky with one another. Scott looks like a old dog, it seems he got it the worst. With the evolution of TV some of these plots were kind of corny. McCoy and Scott really look old. Uhura still looks good, I don’t know if she is aging or not. This is how I am used to seeing William Shatner, with a head of silver hair. This episode was for the old veterans who still want to be in control of whats going on around them like they were still on the battle field. Their characters as old people is really funny to me but the producers are trying to add an element of sadness into this comical equation. Even though he’s old Kirk’s old girl still wants him, that a rider. Once again the crew is saved and everything is back to normal just in time for the credits. If you watch the show the right way you can learn about life.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 11/32 Friday’s Child

October 27, 2009

For some reason does not have an episode 11 for season 2, I wonder what thats about. I was kind of lost right from the beginning of this one, the crew is meeting around a table discussing an alien race and their style of combat. This is the first time in the season that we encounter Klingons the sworn enemy of Earth people, even though the episode is not in the right order. They are violent and merciless. The sky looks fake in the beginning scenes on the alien planet. Kirk and the Klingon are bargaining with the natives for some of their rocks. Doesn’t that sounds like a space age drug trade? Anyway, McCoy understands the customs and language of those on this planet. It’s reminiscent of the different cultures of the world, what you don’t know could get you killed. They have the best fight scene I’ve seen in the series so far, somebody got knocked out cold. They are ready to kill Kirk because he touched a pregnant woman. He is always going for somebody’s girl. When she is ready to give birth McCoy slaps her like a pimp would do and she knew how to act.285668_1251897327246_396_300

No kids should watch this one, pregnant ladies would have a hard day after this episode aired. I can’t front I thought it was the best part. Once they begin to hide in the rocks the scene looks real like they are filming on location somewhere. At the end of the day the Klingon dies and the crew get back on the ship.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 10 Journey to Babel

October 18, 2009

The crew has on different clothes so you know something completely different is going on. The Enterprise is holding universal ambassadors like a UN in space. Spock’s parents are onboard, his mother is human and his father is Vulcan. He doesn’t seem to get along with his father. All the different races on board makes the ship look like a Halloween party. Finally I get to see some of the aliens that I may see later on in the season. Tellerite is a species that has a pig face, one of them is found dead. Spock’s father has a Vulcan equivalent to a heart attack and needs Spock’s blood type to complete the operation. There is a lot going on this episode, the operation, there is an enemy alien on Enterprise and an alien ship following the Enterprise. Spock has a crazy mother first she doesn’t want him to go through with operation then she says she will hate him if he doesn’t and then she slaps some sense into him. It was kind of funny. Watching this episode I start to think how much you would get paid to work for Star Fleet. McCoy stays cool even when the ship is under fire. He keeps operating when the enemy ships takes shots at Enterprise. The intruder and the alien ship were working together, it was like a Star Trek Taliban or something. They were on a suicide mission. Everything works out in the end and the crew gets to smile as usual. The characters are starting to seem real to me. I can understatnd the Star Trek fanatics now.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 9 Metamorphosis

October 17, 2009

They start in a different ship with a different girl but its still the same sequence of events. Something is coming toward them and they don’t know what it is. A energy field forces them off their course and to a new planet. The ship looks official from the inside but the outside view looks like a box of cigarettes. The effects they use to represent the energy look cheesy from the outside view but from the inside it looks cool with the flashing lights they use. Its like Spock and McCoy’s technology can read anything on any planet. The only human is Cochran and he has been stuck their alone. The girl is like food to a starving Cochran. Like some people I know Cochrna talks alot but doesn’t say much. That’s a real statement right there. On these planets theres never any background noise like wind or anything like that, I wonder if original audiences thought that. The Companion has kept Cochran alive for 150 years  and he communicates with it by clearing his mind, no words are spoken. Not to sound like a pastor but the companion is like the spirit of God. companionThis episode is very interesting in the way that they try to explain how the companion and Cochran can never experience love. Its farfetched but heavy. Kirk can make anyone in the show see things his way when he starts giving speeches. Some of the material is deep but if you don’t pay attention you won’t catch onto the way it relates to real life.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep.8 I, Mudd

October 7, 2009

As the episode starts McCoy notices something strange about one of the crew. This same person begins to change the course of the Enterprise after knocking out a couple of guards. The fight looks like robots are in combat, I guses its the movement of this specific character. Kirk always gets to the core of any situation by talking. The guy who took over is an android, a robot that looks human. This is the kind of stuff I want to see, futuristic ideas. He took over the ship with ease, the Enterprise is soft sometimes.  When they beam down they meet Mudd. They know one another, he’s a inter-galactic criminal they encountered in season 1.  Mudd has lady androids all around and a cool place to rest. Whenever the crew beams down to a planet its usually a energy that keeps them from moving on. Mudd’s life is empty without his wife he lost. The lady androids don’t understand why Kirk doesn’t want them around, he says, “Because…we don’t like you!” There are comic parts of the series but it’s real dry humor. Mudd doesnt seem evil but he is tricky and sneaky. His clothes make him look like a cheap general. star_trek_new_voyages_Harry_Mudd_2The longer they stay the more the crew wants to be catered to by the androids. “What is unhappy?”, “Unhappiness does not relate.” These are more quotes that would have been stuck in my brain if I was a kid. The androids do not respect Mudd anymore even they can tell he’s a punk. All the illogical behavior drives androids and clones bonkers.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep.7 Catspaw

October 7, 2009

There is a mysterious beginning to this episode. One of the three men sent down to the surface of a planet is beamed back up to Enterprise dead. A voice with no ID escapes from the dead man warning Kirk that his ship is cursed. Kirk, McCoy and Spock go down to the planet to find Scott and the other crew member. There are witches on the planet singing to Spock and telling him of the danger he will face. This was probably a Halloween episode, the cast keeps talking about trick or treat. I want to know how all of those that they encounter know who Captain Kirk is. The team goes looking for the other two no matter the danger. They encounter an evil wizard who talks to his cat. The cat is a magical woman named Sylvia. The setting of this episode is diverse as they move from the surface to the dungeon and then to the wizards chambers. Kirk is like a pimp using Sylvia to gain knowledge of her magic she even speaks of leaving the wizard dude. “Do you like what you see?”captain-Kirk-and-Sylvia-in-Catspaw-star-trek-couples-8207089-512-384 This some bull, they put a cat in a miniature setup to make it seem giant. Anyone could tell that its a regular house cat, its funny though. There’s roaring in the background like its a jungle cat or something. Kirk is real hard on the space witch all she wants is some love. The true forms of the magicians were revealed and they were insect like creatures casting illusions of themselves. Another lesson learned on Star Trek, some people are not what they appear to be.