Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 55 Assignment Earth

This says episode 55 and it was the last original episode aired during the second season. They finally go to Earth and don’t try to make it look like a foreign planet. Enterprise is the eye in the sky looking for information about the planet to probably give to the government or something. How can they go back in time? The ship goes to 1968. A human from Earth for a change beams up to the ship with his cat Isis. He talks to the cat, it must be more than meets the eye. His name is Gary Seven and he warns that they could change the course of history and Earth could be destroyed because of them. He tries to beam off the ship but Spock nerve pinches him and then shoots him. Seven seems like a sneak I still can’t see how anyone can just beam onto your ship. He turns out to be some secret government agent with advanced technology. His cat a lady who and she looks good. I guess he loves his cat.  Kirk and Spock put on some almost regular clothes to follow Seven to his office. When the cops are called Kirk and Spock beam up to the ship. Two cops ended up on Enterprise confused, and are sent back down quick. Seven is terrorist trying to shoot missiles at Europe. Kirk beams down and sees a woman trying to stop Seven from completing his plan. He decides to just let the warhead blow up somewhere that no one can get hurt.


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