Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 24 The Ultimate Computer

The Star Command is having war games and a whole fleet of ships will be after the Enterprise. A super I mean ultimate computer will be on Kirk’s ship controlling everything. All the crew has to do is sit back and relax while the computer does all the work. “There are certain things men have to do to still be men.” It won’t be easy for Kirk to sit still. He looks threatened by the situation. At least they had a black doctor on TV besides Cosby at that time. He knows the most about the computer. tosr053_extra_01So far the computer works well but we know the worst is yet to come. Spock and Scott put the ship back in manual override. Now they can’t regain control of the ship, the computer has taken over all systems and will not let go. Sometimes the dialogue makes me forget what I am watching. It gets to intense for some of the fictitious plots. It can be interesting sometimes though. With no music or background noise it seems like an onstage play. With the war games still on the computer may kill all the ships that come after Enterprise. It already took down one ship. All the crew can do is watch. This doctor is a bum, he can’t turn of the computer. The computer understands what happened somehow and commits suicide. It is to make up for the lives that it has taken. No computer will ever have human emotion, right? One never knows…


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