Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 23 The Omega Glory

They find a empty ship and beam onto it. The find the captain of the ship on the closest planet. The crew of the abandoned ship have  contracted a disease and have to stay on the planet or they will die. If Kirk, McCoy and Spock are infected it could spread to the rest of their ship. On the planet white skin people are seen as savages. Its like Africa. Kirk is about to get his face cut of by the other captain who will do anything to find a fountain of youth on the planet. He has a gun to Kirk and won’t even shoot it after he gets punched in the face. Kirks ends up getting strangled by some crazy looking dude in his jail cell. CloudWilliamPledgeKirk gets punched and falls to sleep for 8 hours. They get out following the trail he makes when he breaks out the jail. That guy is a king.  Kirk fights the captain of the other ship for the kings amusement. On this planet and his people worship the American flag. They think Kirk is a god especially when they see that Spock has no heart. When Kirk says the pledge of allegiance he says their holy words.  There are tribes of American flag nations throughout the galaxy. Thats something you could really think about if you could entertain the thought of other life forms in outer space. He starts to preach to them like a pastor about the constitution. There was a lot of fighting so this episode wasn’t really boring.


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