Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 22 By Any Other Name

The team answers a distress call and are asked to surrender  their ship. Some guy named Rojan presses a button and freezes them in time. Rojan is a Kelvin in a human body and they want to destroy all humans. “We do not colonize we conquer, we rule!” The universe is not big enough for his people and humans. This is a unique way of pointing out the dominant spirit of humans. I now think that the purpose of Star Trek besides entertaining is to show people that they are miniscule in comparison to all that is going on in the universe. The Kelvins take a black guy and a white girl from the Enterprise team and turns them into little stones. I think the significance is that they both look exactly the same when transformed into this form. CBS_STAR_TREK_050_IMAGE_CIANThe girl rock is crushed and cannot be brought back but the black guy gets restored. The Kelvins are not all bad they help Spock when McCoy tells them he is sick. They have control of the ship and give Kirk orders. The Enterprise team. There is a suicide button that will blow up the ship when Kirk order but of course he never does. That would have been a disappointment if the crew took their own lives after all they have been through. One of the Kelvin women is turning all of the Enterprise team into the rocks except for the main four. It looks funny because on the ground there are rocks lying around that should be living moving people. I think its funny. The Kelvins are letting their guard down now that they are near their home planet. Kirk start running his game on a Kelvin inside her human body. “There are better things for men and women to do.” Now hes slobbing on another alien. He probably got space herpes by now. She says, “Humans are very odd creatures.” Lesson learned this episode is that understanding and truth can overcome hate.


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