Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 21 Patterns of Force

Get ready for action, an unmanned probe with a warhead attached approaches the Enterprise. They destroy it but realize the technology is to advanced for this region in space. You already know they are getting ready to check out the planet. They beam down and are approached by hostile Nazis. Nazis?james-t-kirk-20090319033248631 Where did that come from, who wrote this? Maybe its like a parallel universe that is going through what we already have. Spock and Kirk dress up like Nazis to try and find what ever it is they are looking for. I never really caught what they were trying to accomplish on this planet. All I know is that Kirk and Spock look like they are about to get killed real quick. Their covers get blown and they get jailed and whipped. They call them Zeon pigs which seems like the Star Trek equivalent of Jews at that time in history. Spock gets whipped and doesn’t even flinch. Kirk’s back looks like Passion of the Christ. They reflect light melt the bars of the jail, which was by far the worst effects I have seen this season. One thing is for sure Kirk and Spock are always down to fight. They washed up a lot of guards. I still don’t get why the writers and producers chose to use the Nazis instead of making up something original. You got to be smooth the escape traps like Kirk and Spock but you got to be a fool to get into some of those situations. They are trying to kill the furor like the Tom Cruise movie, I can’t remember the name right now. This episode must have been bringing to light that people in Nazi Germany wanted Hitler dead, I don’t know.


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