Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 20 Return to Tomorrow

Another episode with unknown loud voices having conversation with Kirk. What if space was really like that, they just look used to it now. This another alien talking like he’s God calling them his children. The voice needs their help to restore life to his planet. I just thought when will they return to Earth? What is the fictional year during their journeys? The voice is a powerful force and communicate telepathically. Some new girl on the ship is looking ready for Kirk an he looks the same. You have to be fearless or crazy to join Star Fleet because everywhere they go they’re flirting with death. After they beam down they meet Zargon a glowing orb who controls the voice.ReturnToTomorrow_squ He is matter with no form. His planets demise began when they began to think they were gods. Zargon takes control of Kirk’s body and mind, he wants to use all their bodies to build humanoid robots. I would have said no way you cant trust any kind of agreement in Star Trek. “Risk is our business!” They let them use their bodies but when they go and switch back it almost leaves the humans dead. These alien forms are tricky, the one inside Spock’s body wants to kill Kirk and Zargon at the same time. Kirk dies on the switch between him and Zargon the next time. I know he’s dead but I bet he’ll be back. It’s getting to predictable. Its like there is a specific formula to the show because we always get the same result at the end of the day. Another happy ending, its starting to make me kind of sick.


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