Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 19 A Private Little War

They start off on some planet that looks like Montana or somewhere like that. Kirk sees an old alien friend on the planet and saves him from an enemy ambush. Spock gets shot in the back and goes flying. How is he still alive? What would the show be without Spock? Klingons, the sworn enemies of humans have given the inhabitants of this peaceful planet guns which disrupts the balance. Kirk and McCoy get attacked by some all white alien that looks like a monkey with a rhino horn. Kirk gets bit and cant stop shaking. Once again the main characters are facing death. Kirk’s friend from earlier can heal the ailment. These inhabitants are like the equivalent to Native Americans on Earth. Kirks friend, Tyree, is under the spell of his sexy wife, shes giving Uhura competition. Nona-A-private-little-war-star-trek-women-7864610-500-313She uses plants to manipulate people. The healing process for Kirk is like space voodoo or witchcraft. Tyree’s wife Nona now tries to meddle in the talks between Kirk and Tyree. This woman is trying to start  a war on the planet and sees Tyree as weak for not wanting to fight. Kirk stays in a brawl, he chokes out a guard real quick. This just got too fake, Kirk and McCoy survived and defeated everyone in the Klingon headquarters on the planet. To me I think they should have been shot down already. Spock gets his health back and asks to be slapped to regain his right state of mind. That was funny though. Nona is deceiving, she get attacked by the rhino monkey but is saved by Kirk as he uses his weapon to destroy the threat. She knocks Kirk out with a stone and takes his phaser.


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