Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 18 Immunity Syndrome

Spock got brain shocked and heard the death scream of 400 Vulcans. His face look crazy. The more I watch this the more I see people that resemble the characters, including myself. They see something ahead of them. When a probe is launched at it there was a noise that could leave you deaf. They have put themselves in what seems to be a death trap. This was the same place the Vulcans lost their lives. They cannot move and the ship is losing energy. I know that they have to escape that fate by the end of the show. Kirk wants to get closer to the thing they see ahead of them. Everyone on the ship is slowly dying all at the same time. The ship is stuck in that zone of the universe. They are being approached by a huge space ameba. It may destroy the entire ship and all the passengers. The musical score sounds like they are in real danger and eventually going to die, but we know better. They are now the virus inside of the virus like antibodies in the blood.  “ANTIBODIES!” This was probably most enjoyable to scientists and engineers. They probably consulted them in the production of the show. Spock took an escape ship and flew deep into the ameba, and they are trying to rescue him before it is too late. They are going to blow up the ameba from the inside like Armageddon and the comet. Thats what it reminds me of for some reason.


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