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Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 1 Amok Time

September 30, 2009

This is my first time really watching the original Star Trek series. This is also the first time I have seen William Shatner without gray hairs. I got drawn into what life would be like living on the Enterprise spaceship. The dialogue is unique, interesting, and comical. In this episode Spock needs to go through the Vulcan mating ceremony or he would die. It seems there are certain characteristics to be known about all the different species encountered on Star Trek. I now know that Vulcans are creatures that only think based on the logic of a situation. Spock is desperately in need of his mate because he can no longer think logically. The musical scores are real theatrical. It keeps looking for something shocking to happen whenever I hear the orchestra. Now I can see a lot of other shows got some of their material from Star Trek. When Spock sees a woman crying he says “Your face is wet”. I heard that many times on cartoons. This is just the first episode I know there’s probably more original dialogue for me to enjoy throughout the seasonspock. On the surface of Vulcan Spocks wife to be chooses Captain Kirk as Spocks challenger in a fight to the death for her hand in marriage. Kirk is given drugs that make him seem dead but do not actually kill him. After Spock “wins” the battle he finds out the girl he fought for doesn’t even want to marry him. Once they board the ship Spock is happy to learn Kirk is still alive. The background and costumes make the voyage seem believable for a 70s TV series. I been seeing kids looking like Spock all over the place now. I see why the show is legendary.


Thomas Jefferson quote

September 20, 2009

I agree with Jefferson, I too would choose newspapers without government. I do not believe that government regulation of media is a good thing because you never really know the whole truth about something until it mysteriously leaks out to the public years later. Newspapers without government may not be the safest way to run a country or anything like that but I feel it would lead to more honesty and entirety about the happenings of the world. If there was no government the articles and stories written in the papers would be for the people by the people instead of a medium for advertising and propoganda. My imagination leads me to believe that the world would be better off this way however it would seem difficult to stop those using the newspaper to spread hate and evil.

Hello world!

September 3, 2009

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