Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 55 Assignment Earth

November 11, 2009

This says episode 55 and it was the last original episode aired during the second season. They finally go to Earth and don’t try to make it look like a foreign planet. Enterprise is the eye in the sky looking for information about the planet to probably give to the government or something. How can they go back in time? The ship goes to 1968. A human from Earth for a change beams up to the ship with his cat Isis. He talks to the cat, it must be more than meets the eye. His name is Gary Seven and he warns that they could change the course of history and Earth could be destroyed because of them. He tries to beam off the ship but Spock nerve pinches him and then shoots him. Seven seems like a sneak I still can’t see how anyone can just beam onto your ship. He turns out to be some secret government agent with advanced technology. His cat a lady who and she looks good. I guess he loves his cat.  Kirk and Spock put on some almost regular clothes to follow Seven to his office. When the cops are called Kirk and Spock beam up to the ship. Two cops ended up on Enterprise confused, and are sent back down quick. Seven is terrorist trying to shoot missiles at Europe. Kirk beams down and sees a woman trying to stop Seven from completing his plan. He decides to just let the warhead blow up somewhere that no one can get hurt.


Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 25 Bread and Circuses

November 11, 2009

Kirk and his team encounter a ship that has been lost for 6 years called the SS Beagle. Captain Merrick was the captain of the ship and know Kirk from their days in the academy. I live by Merrick Blvd, this is the only time in my life I have heard it said by anyone who was not talking about the street.  What is the origin of the name Merrick? They have TV on the Enterprise, a black and white broadcast of what looks like Roman soldiers shows on the screen. Is the cable in space better than Earth? Kirk, McCoy and Spock beam down to the planet and get held up by some guys with rifles. They take the crew to Septimus the leader of this planet. He asks if they are children of the son and they think that the crew worships the sun. I don’t get it are they on Earth or another planet? Lately all these planets look like Earth no matter where they go. The crew tries to get to the capital which is Rome to meet a being named Menikus by dressing like slaves and trying to sneak in unnoticed. You know they get captured and Spock and McCoy have to fight some gladiators while Kirk is put with some lady trying to get laid.CBS_STAR_TREK_043_IMAGE_CIAN The fight has a fake crowd in the background cheering and everything. They are all to be executed soon. Spock whoops on both the gladiators and all McCoy can do is thank him. Hes not built for combat. Scott finds a way to disrupt power on the planet from the Enterprise and saves the day, AGAIN.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 24 The Ultimate Computer

November 11, 2009

The Star Command is having war games and a whole fleet of ships will be after the Enterprise. A super I mean ultimate computer will be on Kirk’s ship controlling everything. All the crew has to do is sit back and relax while the computer does all the work. “There are certain things men have to do to still be men.” It won’t be easy for Kirk to sit still. He looks threatened by the situation. At least they had a black doctor on TV besides Cosby at that time. He knows the most about the computer. tosr053_extra_01So far the computer works well but we know the worst is yet to come. Spock and Scott put the ship back in manual override. Now they can’t regain control of the ship, the computer has taken over all systems and will not let go. Sometimes the dialogue makes me forget what I am watching. It gets to intense for some of the fictitious plots. It can be interesting sometimes though. With no music or background noise it seems like an onstage play. With the war games still on the computer may kill all the ships that come after Enterprise. It already took down one ship. All the crew can do is watch. This doctor is a bum, he can’t turn of the computer. The computer understands what happened somehow and commits suicide. It is to make up for the lives that it has taken. No computer will ever have human emotion, right? One never knows…

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 23 The Omega Glory

November 11, 2009

They find a empty ship and beam onto it. The find the captain of the ship on the closest planet. The crew of the abandoned ship have  contracted a disease and have to stay on the planet or they will die. If Kirk, McCoy and Spock are infected it could spread to the rest of their ship. On the planet white skin people are seen as savages. Its like Africa. Kirk is about to get his face cut of by the other captain who will do anything to find a fountain of youth on the planet. He has a gun to Kirk and won’t even shoot it after he gets punched in the face. Kirks ends up getting strangled by some crazy looking dude in his jail cell. CloudWilliamPledgeKirk gets punched and falls to sleep for 8 hours. They get out following the trail he makes when he breaks out the jail. That guy is a king.  Kirk fights the captain of the other ship for the kings amusement. On this planet and his people worship the American flag. They think Kirk is a god especially when they see that Spock has no heart. When Kirk says the pledge of allegiance he says their holy words.  There are tribes of American flag nations throughout the galaxy. Thats something you could really think about if you could entertain the thought of other life forms in outer space. He starts to preach to them like a pastor about the constitution. There was a lot of fighting so this episode wasn’t really boring.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 22 By Any Other Name

November 10, 2009

The team answers a distress call and are asked to surrender  their ship. Some guy named Rojan presses a button and freezes them in time. Rojan is a Kelvin in a human body and they want to destroy all humans. “We do not colonize we conquer, we rule!” The universe is not big enough for his people and humans. This is a unique way of pointing out the dominant spirit of humans. I now think that the purpose of Star Trek besides entertaining is to show people that they are miniscule in comparison to all that is going on in the universe. The Kelvins take a black guy and a white girl from the Enterprise team and turns them into little stones. I think the significance is that they both look exactly the same when transformed into this form. CBS_STAR_TREK_050_IMAGE_CIANThe girl rock is crushed and cannot be brought back but the black guy gets restored. The Kelvins are not all bad they help Spock when McCoy tells them he is sick. They have control of the ship and give Kirk orders. The Enterprise team. There is a suicide button that will blow up the ship when Kirk order but of course he never does. That would have been a disappointment if the crew took their own lives after all they have been through. One of the Kelvin women is turning all of the Enterprise team into the rocks except for the main four. It looks funny because on the ground there are rocks lying around that should be living moving people. I think its funny. The Kelvins are letting their guard down now that they are near their home planet. Kirk start running his game on a Kelvin inside her human body. “There are better things for men and women to do.” Now hes slobbing on another alien. He probably got space herpes by now. She says, “Humans are very odd creatures.” Lesson learned this episode is that understanding and truth can overcome hate.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 21 Patterns of Force

November 10, 2009

Get ready for action, an unmanned probe with a warhead attached approaches the Enterprise. They destroy it but realize the technology is to advanced for this region in space. You already know they are getting ready to check out the planet. They beam down and are approached by hostile Nazis. Nazis?james-t-kirk-20090319033248631 Where did that come from, who wrote this? Maybe its like a parallel universe that is going through what we already have. Spock and Kirk dress up like Nazis to try and find what ever it is they are looking for. I never really caught what they were trying to accomplish on this planet. All I know is that Kirk and Spock look like they are about to get killed real quick. Their covers get blown and they get jailed and whipped. They call them Zeon pigs which seems like the Star Trek equivalent of Jews at that time in history. Spock gets whipped and doesn’t even flinch. Kirk’s back looks like Passion of the Christ. They reflect light melt the bars of the jail, which was by far the worst effects I have seen this season. One thing is for sure Kirk and Spock are always down to fight. They washed up a lot of guards. I still don’t get why the writers and producers chose to use the Nazis instead of making up something original. You got to be smooth the escape traps like Kirk and Spock but you got to be a fool to get into some of those situations. They are trying to kill the furor like the Tom Cruise movie, I can’t remember the name right now. This episode must have been bringing to light that people in Nazi Germany wanted Hitler dead, I don’t know.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 20 Return to Tomorrow

November 10, 2009

Another episode with unknown loud voices having conversation with Kirk. What if space was really like that, they just look used to it now. This another alien talking like he’s God calling them his children. The voice needs their help to restore life to his planet. I just thought when will they return to Earth? What is the fictional year during their journeys? The voice is a powerful force and communicate telepathically. Some new girl on the ship is looking ready for Kirk an he looks the same. You have to be fearless or crazy to join Star Fleet because everywhere they go they’re flirting with death. After they beam down they meet Zargon a glowing orb who controls the voice.ReturnToTomorrow_squ He is matter with no form. His planets demise began when they began to think they were gods. Zargon takes control of Kirk’s body and mind, he wants to use all their bodies to build humanoid robots. I would have said no way you cant trust any kind of agreement in Star Trek. “Risk is our business!” They let them use their bodies but when they go and switch back it almost leaves the humans dead. These alien forms are tricky, the one inside Spock’s body wants to kill Kirk and Zargon at the same time. Kirk dies on the switch between him and Zargon the next time. I know he’s dead but I bet he’ll be back. It’s getting to predictable. Its like there is a specific formula to the show because we always get the same result at the end of the day. Another happy ending, its starting to make me kind of sick.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 18 Immunity Syndrome

November 10, 2009

Spock got brain shocked and heard the death scream of 400 Vulcans. His face look crazy. The more I watch this the more I see people that resemble the characters, including myself. They see something ahead of them. When a probe is launched at it there was a noise that could leave you deaf. They have put themselves in what seems to be a death trap. This was the same place the Vulcans lost their lives. They cannot move and the ship is losing energy. I know that they have to escape that fate by the end of the show. Kirk wants to get closer to the thing they see ahead of them. Everyone on the ship is slowly dying all at the same time. The ship is stuck in that zone of the universe. They are being approached by a huge space ameba. It may destroy the entire ship and all the passengers. The musical score sounds like they are in real danger and eventually going to die, but we know better. They are now the virus inside of the virus like antibodies in the blood.  “ANTIBODIES!” This was probably most enjoyable to scientists and engineers. They probably consulted them in the production of the show. Spock took an escape ship and flew deep into the ameba, and they are trying to rescue him before it is too late. They are going to blow up the ameba from the inside like Armageddon and the comet. Thats what it reminds me of for some reason.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 19 A Private Little War

November 10, 2009

They start off on some planet that looks like Montana or somewhere like that. Kirk sees an old alien friend on the planet and saves him from an enemy ambush. Spock gets shot in the back and goes flying. How is he still alive? What would the show be without Spock? Klingons, the sworn enemies of humans have given the inhabitants of this peaceful planet guns which disrupts the balance. Kirk and McCoy get attacked by some all white alien that looks like a monkey with a rhino horn. Kirk gets bit and cant stop shaking. Once again the main characters are facing death. Kirk’s friend from earlier can heal the ailment. These inhabitants are like the equivalent to Native Americans on Earth. Kirks friend, Tyree, is under the spell of his sexy wife, shes giving Uhura competition. Nona-A-private-little-war-star-trek-women-7864610-500-313She uses plants to manipulate people. The healing process for Kirk is like space voodoo or witchcraft. Tyree’s wife Nona now tries to meddle in the talks between Kirk and Tyree. This woman is trying to start  a war on the planet and sees Tyree as weak for not wanting to fight. Kirk stays in a brawl, he chokes out a guard real quick. This just got too fake, Kirk and McCoy survived and defeated everyone in the Klingon headquarters on the planet. To me I think they should have been shot down already. Spock gets his health back and asks to be slapped to regain his right state of mind. That was funny though. Nona is deceiving, she get attacked by the rhino monkey but is saved by Kirk as he uses his weapon to destroy the threat. She knocks Kirk out with a stone and takes his phaser.

Star Trek Season 2 Ep. 17 A Piece of the Action

November 3, 2009

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to a planet that looks like Chicago. There are a bunch of mobsters carrying tommy guns. “Put your hands over your head or you aint gonna have a head to put your hands over!” This is kind of crazy, are they aliens or human gangsters? I don’t know what to think of it but it is entertaining. The drive by was unexpected. They meet the boss and in his room there is a book called Chicago Mobs of the Twenties. The culture of the planet was influenced by the book. This episode parallels what happens in poor communities all over the world. The boss tries to muscle Kirk into giving him guns. All the slang is confusing the Enterprise team. “Check the language banks and find out what a heater is.” It is good acting for TV. There are a lot of funny quotes. “Listen pally we’re going for a ride, it can either be a taxi or a hurst!” “The most cooperative man in this world is a dead man!” piece2Kirk and Spock dress up in the mobster suits, they’re just some phonies posing. Spock’s ears draw all kinds of attention. They trick the gangster bosses into believing that they are part of a federation that came to take over the planet and make an alliance. Things get funny when the Enterprise crew tries to speak that gangster lingo. Once Kirk has the gangsters listening to him, he tell them how to run their operations and sets up a kind of government for them. Bush must have watched this episode before he invaded Iraq. Once again the crew make it back on the ship without any harm done. Some ridiculous entertainment that you find only in America.